Venture Capital

Big ideas need great foundations. An innovative founder is the start — we help you build out the rest.

Providing capital is part of our investment strategy. The other is providing services that build out operations, financial systems, and other business structures that lead to success.

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Our Approach to Investing

There’s a funding round. And then there’s everything that happens after. We’re there for the round and the after.

The before

Prior to investing we’ll do more due diligence than most — because we’ll be helping you build out the structure in the after.

That’s when we get to know the team, the idea, and what we’ll be building on top of once the funding is secured.

The funding round

Our funding comes with our expertise. The round may include other investors, but once we invest we’re your partners in putting your company on the gazelle trajectory.

The after

After we invest we’re your operational right hand. Your startup may need support in building out the finance department or a strategy to scale operations — we do that.

Once the foundation is there, we’ll hand our responsibilities off to internal team members. The structures we build together will function as the stepping stones of your next phase of growth. And you’ll still have us as advisors — just no longer copilots.

Investment Criteria

Big-picture view of how we decide to invest.


We’re more interested in you showing us how you’re going to change your industry. If you can do that, we may be a fit.


Since we partner with founders to help them build out solid business operations, we invest in pre-seed and seed rounds.


Get ready to be open. To help you solve those early startup hurdles we need to know what they are. If you’re ready for that, you may be ready for us.

Ticket size

Our typical ticket size is $100K-$500K.


How do you decide whether to invest?

We do a broad assessment of everything you share with us. And like we said — we look at everything. At the stage we invest in, there isn’t usually much backlog. Our goal is to understand whether we’re a match and where our advising starting point would be.

How long do you stay in the hands-on advisor role?

Ideally, as little as possible. The goal is to get your startup operationally ready for growth — which you should be seeing with an influx of capital. Once you’re set up and ready to bring in staff to manage the responsibilities, we step back and proudly watch your company take off.

When should we reach out to you?

Earlier is better.

Even if it’s “too early”, we’ll let you know where things stand and what we’d need to see to consider the investment. But at some point, your startup may be past the stage that we invest in. Then it’s just too late for us.

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